7 Reasons Why You Must Buy Inflatable Boats

why buy inflatable boat
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Inflatable boats made their entry several years back with military operations. They could be easily carried to the battlefronts and were useful to the personnel to cross rivers or other waterways. They are now very widely used for multiple purposes like fishing, sports, and adventure activities. The traditional rigid boats are still in use too. The debate continues which is better and here are at least seven reasons why inflatable boats make for a better choice over the other alternatives.

1- Easy to Launch into and Get Out of Water: An inflatable boat can be carried in its folded form right till the edge of the water, opened, inflated using the air pump, and just pushed into the water. Your traditional rigid boat cannot be handled that easily. You don’t need any assistance even for a large inflatable boat. The regular sizes used by one or two people are light enough.

The same ease of handling holds good while dismounting and dragging the boat in. Pull it out of the water, deflate the boat and allow it to dry. You can then roll it up and carry in the boot of your car. Call it flexibility or lightweight, the inflatable boat is a better choice on these counts.

2- Can Carry More Weight:  You will be surprised to learn that an inflatable boat can carry a much higher payload on the water than the traditional rigid boats. If you compare the rigid and inflatable boats of the same size, the inflatable one can carry twice the weight. It can take more people on board or load it with stuff. An unusually rich catch of fish will not mean you will be left with a sinking boat in the middle of the water.

3- Stable and Strong: Inflatable boats don’t sink or tip so easily. Contrary to what you may be led to believe, the inflatable boats are more stable than the traditional wooden or fiberglass boats. The reasons are quite simple. The buoyancy of the inflatable boat is spread uniformly through the tubular structure all around. There are three compartments inflated with air. Even if something were to happen to one of these, you can safely reach the shore with the other two.

The material of construction of these inflatable boats is tough and it is not easily pierced even by sharp objects. In contrast, a small hole in a wooden or fiberglass rigid boat can lead to its sinking.  

4- No Safety Issues: The design of inflatable boats is such that it is safer on the water. They have a flat bottom and hold on to a much larger surface of the water. When people try and get on to the inflatable boat while in water, it does not tip over. It stays steady. The safety aspect of inflatable boats has been proven and certified.

5- The Sheer Variety to Choose From: Inflatable boat makers have a very wide range of boats on offer. The options include the size range, end-use like for fishing or rafting or other activities, and basic designs like the option to fix a motor and so on. Those who can afford may buy more than one boat. There is no worry about space for storing the boats while not in use.

6- Carry a Longer Warranty: If you buy your inflatable boats from reputed brands, you can enjoy as much as three years’ warranty. Some brands allow you a 30-day free trial. This means you take the boat, use it for your preferred activities on water, and if you are not happy return it to the seller and obtain a 100% money-back. You will also find that the warranty is unconditional, meaning, during the warranty period any repair or replacement of your inflatable boat will be honored free of cost.

7- Overall Cost of Acquisition & Cheaper maintenance: The one argument put forth by those who are still stuck with the traditional boats is that they last much longer. On paper that is true. An inflatable boat may last around 10 years if you maintain it well. A traditional rigid boat may last double that period. However, the initial cost of buying an inflatable boat is much less and its maintenance, etc. even lower.

The overall cost of acquisition and use of an inflatable boat is more economical.

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