Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth it?

hot tubs worth it
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The direct answer to this question is ‘Yes’.

Inflatable hot tubs are possibly worth every dime you spend on it. There are sufficient reasons to substantiate why this conclusion has been arrived at.

At a broader level, the question should be, are inflatable hot tubs as good as the fixed ones? On a number of parameters, the inflatable jacuzzi scores equal points as the fixed tubs you may be used to in your homes.

If the question, are inflatable hot tubs worth it, is from the viewpoint of the money spent on it, here too the answer appears to be the same – Yes, it is a good investment.

What are these parameters of comparison between the traditional fixed hot tubs and the inflated ones?

Water Temperature: You can have the same water temperature in the inflatable hot tub as you get in the fixed tub. This is important because this is the ultimate purpose of a Jacuzzi, which is to provide you warm water envelop for an extended period of time. Your body muscles are then allowed to relax. If the inflatable hot tubs provide the same level of comfort, there’s virtually no difference between the fixed hot tub and the inflatable one.

Use of Similar Components: Another interesting factor you may or may not be aware is that the key component, the heat pump, is the same in most cases. If you are using a 1300W, 460 gallons per hour heat pump for your fixed hot tub, the heat pump with the inflatable Jacuzzi too has the same specification. Possibly, even the make and model of the pumps are also the same.

Experts actually pick on this particular point to argue that the inflatable hot tubs are a step better than the fixed ones. If the water pump were to fail for some reason, you have to replace it. The average cost of a new pump maybe around $200.

Now, in the case of a fixed hot tub, you would have to spend this amount and call in the technician to attend to it since you cannot do it yourself. If you had invested in an inflatable Jacuzzi, you can just replace the pump or buy out an all-new Jacuzzi which may cost you around $300. This is just by way of an argument. There is absolutely nothing inferior about an inflatable hot tub.

Life of the Hot Tub: The other important concern for someone with the question ‘are inflatable hot tubs worth it’ would be how long it will last. Based on the feedback received from many users, it is known that hardly anything goes wrong with the inflatable hot tubs. The materials used in manufacturing these hot tubs are quite durable and unfolding and using and again folding doesn’t result in any damage to the inflatable hot tub. They are sturdy.

Loss of Heat: Another parameter to be evaluated on is the ability to keep the water warm for a while. The fixed hot tubs are able to do this. This is directly related to the ambient temperature as well. The inflatable hot tubs may not have the same level of efficiency in holding the water temperature. Due to this, the heat pump may have to be run more frequently to maintain the water temperature. 

Cost: A rough estimate shows that the fixed hot tub costs at least around 8 to 10 times more than the inflatable hot tub. Some of the replacement costs have already been discussed above. So, on balance, the inflatable hot tub is a much more economical choice.

Wait! Are there no negatives at all? 

In a fair one to one comparison, one area where the fixed hot tubs appear to score better is the water jets or hydro jets as they are called. These jets can create a nice feeling on your body as they appear to be offering a massage. This is part of the overall experience for you wish to install a Jacuzzi. This will be missed in the inflatable Jacuzzi.

However, there is a provision for tiny holes in the pipe running through the bottom of the inflatable hot tub which creates bubbles. These bubbles also do the same job of making your muscles feel a little relaxed.

So, inflatable hot tubs are worth it, indeed!

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