Inflatable Loungers: 10 Best Inflatable Loungers/Hammocks in 2022

best inflatable lounger hammock
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Inflatable loungers are very popular these days as they offer a lot of comfort and convenience. Gone are the days of taking a beach blanket and lying down under the sun. Getting sand everywhere over your blanket can be uncomfortable and messy. You could take a hammock but you can’t guarantee that there will be a place to hang it. Getting a chair on the other hand comes with its problems like portability and comfort. With an inflatable lounger, you can just set it up and enjoy some much-needed comfort and relaxation on a beach or float around in your favorite swimming pool.


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Top 10 Inflatable Loungers/Hammocks Reviews 2022:


Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock-Portable

This lounger comes in a wide variety of colors, an affordable price tag and several cool features. It has a unique pillow shaped headrest design aimed at providing maximum comfort for your upper back and neck. It’s also waterproof and capable of supporting up to 500 pounds. It utilizes a dual-layer construction with plastic inner lining and tough ripstop polyester for its outer layer. Once inflated, it comes to about 7 feet in length which is more than enough for an adult to lie down on it. Its shape is designed for a single adult individual but you can have up to 2 small kids comfortably sit on it.

It doesn’t come with an air pump so you will have to manually inflate it. However, it does come with a patented anti-deflation technology which allows it to stay inflated up to 5-6 hours. It weighs about 2.5 pounds when deflated which makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. You also get a carry bag free with it for storage, a stake for securing the inflated lounger in position and a bottle opener to enjoy a drink as you drift away into complete relaxation. It is important to note that this floatation device isn’t meant to be used in water.



It is waterproof and leakproof

Sturdy construction with dual layers

Affordable price

Unique pillow-shaped headrest provides good comfort

It comes in a wide variety of colors.  


Manual inflation takes some time and open space as you need to scoop up air

You can’t use it in water.




Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch – Cool Inflatable Chair

This one comes with 12 different artsy color options, wind stake, great versatility and quality construction. The first thing that will catch your eye about this product is its design. It can support up to 400-450 pounds and is about 7 feet long when inflated. You can also use it as a sofa in which case it can support up to 3 adults and more than 450 pounds as some of the weight will be transferred to their feet. The construction is real solid as you can safely use it on rocky terrain (except on sharp or jagged objects).

You have to manually inflate it as it doesn’t come with a pump. One of its cool aspects is that you don’t need windy open spaces to inflate it. You can inflate it indoors with the help of a fan and set it up within a few seconds. Each Chilbo Shwaggins inflatable couch also comes with a carry bag and wind stake. It can stay inflated for approximately 4 -5 hours which is pretty good. You also get a pocket on the sides so you can keep your magazine, snacks or bottles close to you as you relax.



Color options are very unique with some cool patterns

It can be used as a sofa too

The material doesn’t make any sound when your skin is scraping against it

It can be inflated indoors as well

Chilbo Shwaggins is known for excellent customer service.  


Manual inflation can be tricky for some

It can support only up to 400-450 pounds.




AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger

This inflatable lounger comes in 6 different colors and has a unique headrest design, wind stake and very solid construction. The one aspect which may be a bit underwhelming for some is the way it looks. Some of its color options aren’t as good as some of its competitors. The design, however, is very functional as it comes with an ergonomic neck pillow headrest for excellent comfort and support. It comes with a multi-layer construction and the materials used are water-resistant, odorless and easy to clean. Once inflated, it can support up to 400 pounds and it folds down to 12 x 8 x 4 feet.

Thanks to the anti-deflation technology, it can last up to 4 – 5 hours easily which is ideal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an air pump but it’s very easy to inflate it manually. One of the best ways to inflate it is by making sure you scoop up the air while walking in a straight line as opposed to running in a circle. This one comes with 2 separate air compartments so you need to fill them one at a time. You also get a carry bag with a shoulder strap, a wind stake and a bottle opener with the purchase. For convenience, you also get 3 different side pockets (for your bottle, phone/tablet and book respectively).



Comes with 3 pockets for extra storage

The material used makes it lightweight yet very durable

The ergonomic neck rest pillow is very comfortable

Design is very form-fitting

It retains air very efficiently

Very easy to inflate.



Doesn’t look as appealing as some of its competitors

Fabric doesn’t breathe well

Not great for very tall people.




FRETREE Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

This inflatable lounger comes with multiple color options, anti-leak technology, quick inflation design, wind stake, soft parachute material, carry bag and a very attractive price tag. The design is fairly similar to other products. Where it differs from the rest is its use of high-density parachute material which is not only durable but quite soft to the touch too. This in combination with the headrest design makes for an amazing relaxation experience. It can support up to 400 pounds which is decent and comes to a size of 6.5 x 3 x 2 feet in length after inflation.

Though it requires you to inflate it manually, it utilizes a quick inflation design which allows you to set it up with just 2 scoops of air. You also get a repair kit with it so you can fix it if you face any issues like minor rips or holes in the lounger. Once inflated, it can last up to 5 or 6 hours depending on how you use it. It lasts a bit more than other similar products thanks to its anti-leak technology and dual-layer construction. You can also use it on the water which makes it quite versatile. With the large side pockets, you can keep your sunglasses, magazines, bottles or even an iPad close to you while you relax.



Comes with a very affordable price tag

The material feels very soft to the touch

Lifetime support for issues you may face

Comes with a repair kit

The side pockets are very spacious

Amazing value for money

Can use it on water.



Headrest could have been more raised

Doesn’t come with any manual.




SEGOAL Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Pouch Inflatable Couch

It comes with 7 different color options, high-quality durable construction, carry bag, wind stake and supports up to 600 pounds. When it comes to design, this one is a little bit taller than some of its competitors. A taller lounger will be more comfortable to rest in but it might be difficult for some people to get in and out. Once deflated, it folds down to 14 x 9 x 4 inches and weighs only 2.65 pounds making it very easy to carry around. It is made out of high-quality polyester 210T fabric which is both water-resistant and tear-resistant.

Where this inflatable lounger differs from others is in its longevity. With high-quality materials, a safety buckle, manganese steel bar (frame support) and a double layer clasp, it can last up to 7 to 8 hours. This will differ depending on the weight of the individual and how the lounger is being used. It can also support up to 600 pounds so 4 adults can easily use it as a sofa without any air loss. You also get a stretch bag on one side for keeping bottles and a mesh bag on the other for magazines, iPad, etc.



Can support up to 600 pounds

Lasts up to 7 to 8 hours with ideal conditions

It’s very durable and lightweight

It’s very comfortable for a polyester fabric lounger

Comes with extra patches for fixing small holes.


The design might make it confusing for some when it comes to inflating the lounger

No large pockets on both sides.




CleverMade Inflatable Lounger Air Chair

This lounger comes with 5 different color options, recliner design, durable construction, carry bag, wind stake and comfortable mesh seating. It’s quite different from traditional inflatable loungers with its recliner shaped design. It’s made up of durable rip-stop nylon and comes with a breathable mesh seat for better comfort and to reduce heat. Once inflated, it can support up to 500 pounds which is mind-blowing when you consider it’s a one-seater air chair. Unlike other loungers, you can not only use it on beaches, picnics and festivals but also inside your home, on a boat and in many other places. It also makes for a comfy piece of furniture if you have an extra guest in your house.

You need to manually inflate it using a scooping motion. As the body is smaller than traditional loungers, it gets filled up with air much faster. Unlike normal inflatable loungers, you should use a spinning motion to fill the air. First, you need to fill up one side and then move on to the other side. Once it gets inflated, close the mouth and roll it away from your body before securing it with clips. It lasts only up to 3 – 4 hours so make sure you re-inflate once it starts to lose air. It comes with pockets on both sides allowing you to keep a cold can of beer and your favorite book nearby when you relax.



Ideal one-seater for the beach and picnics

Mesh seating helps to dissipate heat

Gets inflated pretty quickly with proper technique

Can be used indoors as well; thanks to its small size. 


Can’t use it in water

Not as compact as some of its competitors.  




ludtom Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

Coming with 5 different color options, this inflatable lounger has anti-leak technology, wind stake, fast inflation design, carry bag and a very low price tag. Similar to a few other products, this one also stands at about 2 to 3 feet off the ground once inflated. This provides a more comfortable experience when lying down and relaxing. It uses a very breathable material and you don’t have to worry about it getting hot under the sun. The materials used are waterproof, leak-proof and tear-resistant making it ideal for use in water too. It can support up to 440 pounds and comes up to a size of 6.5 x 3 x 2 feet when inflated. So 2 to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids can comfortably use it as a sofa.

You have to manually inflate it by scooping up air and closing the mouth between scoops. Around 2 to 3 proper scoops will be enough to inflate the lounger fully. Once inflated, it can last up to 5 to 6 hours although this might differ depending on how many people use it and how they use it. Storage-wise, you get 2 large pockets on one side and an elastic strap for keeping your bottle on the other side.



It comes with a very affordable price tag

It provides great value for money

ou get an easy to read instruction manual with it

Material is breathable and makes it very comfortable to lie down.  


Not ideal for tall people, especially in water

The design could be more form-fitting.




AOMAIS Inflatable Lounger

This lounger comes with a leak-proof, wavy headrest design, carry bag, wind stake, bottle opener and multifunctional pockets. The design is pretty much the same as most of the inflatable loungers out there except for its bottom corner. It uses a dual-layer construction made up of waterproof 210T polyester and anti-leaking plastic which makes it quite durable. Once inflated, it comes to a size of 6.5 x 3 x 2 feet and supports up to 440 pounds. The manganese steel loop and a strong buckle at one end prevent the mouth from opening even under substantial stress. The 4 manganese steel bars prevent the lounger from getting deformed over time.

Manual inflation can be a bit tricky for some but once you get used to it, there won’t be any trouble going forward. Once inflated, it can last up to 5 or 6 hours depending on the usage and number of people sitting on it. One aspect which stands out with this product is its headrest which supports your neck and upper back very comfortably. You also get 2 big mesh pockets on one side and an elastic band to keep your bottle in. It also comes with a bottle opener which you can use to crack open a beer or to secure the wind stake.



Construction is solid with the 4 manganese steel bar loops

Its ergonomic rest pillow offers great support to your neck and upper back

It lasts pretty long once inflated

It fills up quite easily even with less wind.  


It’s a little bit expensive

You don’t get any color options to choose from.




CAMPERS LAIR [Military Grade] Inflatable Air Lounger: Neck/Back Support

The Camper’s Lair lounger comes with a unique neck & back support design, carry bag, wind stake, numeric lock, 30-day free return and a lifetime warranty. The first thing that will catch your attention when you look at it is its design. The flamingo edition is eye-catching and is sure to turn some heads on the beach. Another aspect that sets this lounger apart from the rest is its breathable mesh for lumbar support. It stops you from sinking in and keeps your back at an ideal position for better comfort and health. Once inflated, it comes up to a size of 6.8 x 3.4 x 2 feet and can withstand up to 500 pounds making it ideal for tall adults.

As it comes with a dual-chamber construction, you need to run in a straight line to inflate 1 chamber and then repeat it for the other one. Do not scoop air in a circular motion as it won’t inflate it properly. Once it is properly inflated and securely locked, it will last up to a staggering 10 hours for an individual who weighs up to 250 pounds. One way to extend the inflation time is to fold the manganese bars tighter. As far as accessories are concerned, you get a bottle opener and a numeric lock to keep your valuables safe in the mesh pockets on both sides.



It offers good lumbar support and a comfortable headrest pillow design

Very comfortable, thanks to the 210T parachute material

You get a lifetime warranty

It lasts considerably longer than other loungers.  


Should have more color and design options

Not meant for long use in water.




Icefox Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa, Inflatable Pool Floats

The IceFox lounger comes with a unique design, 2 color options, a wind stake, multipurpose functionality and a carry bag. The design is unique as it stays pretty low to the ground even after inflation and utilizes a breathable mesh on the inside for better heat dissipation. You don’t have that feeling of sinking in when you use this lounger; thanks to the mesh used inside. Unfortunately, though it doesn’t come with a head pillow integrated into the design, it’s still pretty comfortable to lie down in.

To inflate it, you need to open the mouth and run in a straight line to scoop up air. When enough air has been scooped in, you need to close the opening and secure it with the safety bands. Once inflated, it can support up to 440 pounds and will last up to 4 to 5 hours depending on usage. Once it is deflated, it weighs only 1.8 pounds making it one of the most lightweight inflatable loungers available today. Its design also makes it ideal for use in water which is always a plus. You also get a pocket and a bottle holder strip on the sides allowing you to read your favorite magazine or have a cold beer as you gently relax your mind and body.



It can be used for snow sledding too (not for kids)

Breathable mesh inside helps in better ventilation

Ideal for lying down in water thanks to its design

It’s extremely lightweight and very easy to carry around.  


No head-rest integrated into its design

Can be tricky for big people to climb out of it due to its low height.



Buying Guide:

There are several different types of inflatable loungers available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Every person’s requirements will be different and you need to find the right one that best suits your specific needs and preferences. There are multiple factors to look at when buying an inflatable lounger such as size, material, features and so on. Here are some of them:

1) Weight Capacity – Best inflatable loungers in the market today can usually support up to 400-450 pounds which is more than enough for most people. If you need one that can support more weight, you can go for ones that can withstand up to 600 pounds. These are also ideal for multiple people to relax in.

2) Design Most loungers are shaped to fit a single individual. So even if you get one that can support a lot of weight, you need to make sure that the shape can comfortably fit multiple people. Always remember to prioritize comfort when looking for best inflatable loungers.

3) Inflation Type – Some loungers can be inflated manually whereas others are done using pumps. The former will be harder to set up but will be easier to carry whereas the latter will require you to carry around the pump as well.

4) Longevity Most manufacturers will exaggerate the longevity and claim that their products can last up to 10 hours. On average most inflatable loungers last up to 3 to 4 hours but some do last considerably more. It mostly depends on the durability of the materials used and how secure the locking mechanisms are.

5) Features This is just an added benefit to have for better convenience. Most inflatable loungers come with pockets to keep your valuable items such as mobile phones, keys and wallets. Some also come with extra goodies like a bottle opener, numeric lock, etc.

6) Material The two most common materials used in making inflatable loungers are nylon and polyester. The premium ones will come with dual-layered construction where the inside layer is made up of plastic to hold air for a longer time. 

7) Water ResistanceNot all inflatable loungers can be used in water. Therefore, it’s important to buy one that has a good amount of water resistance. The last thing you need is a lounger that sinks moments after you take it out into the water.

FAQ About Inflatable Loungers

Q. What are the different types of Inflatable Loungers out there?

A. There are 3 types of inflatable loungers in the market. One that can be manually inflated, one that can be inflated via a pump and the last one, a self-inflating type. The most ideal one would be the self-inflating lounger but it will be a bit more expensive than the other two types. When it comes to value over time, the automatic inflatable lounger is the best option to go for as it saves a significant amount of time and effort.

Q. How to manually inflate a lounger?

A. First, you need to open the valve and allow air to enter. Then you can either run in the direction where there is a strong wind or do a swooping motion to capture the air. A single swooping motion won’t be enough to inflate it fully, so make sure that you close the opening between multiple tries. Once you feel that enough air has gotten in, you will be good to go.

Q. How do I clean an Inflatable Lounger?

A. These loungers tend to get dirty pretty quickly as it’s mostly used outdoors. The first thing you need to do is shake off any debris on the lounger. You can either do it with your hand or use a brush. Once all the sand is cleaned, you can wash it with some water and soap or a mild detergent to properly clean all the dirt. Once it’s washed, you need to dry it completely before you fold it for storage.

Q. How long do these loungers stay inflated?

A. The duration largely varies from 1 inflatable lounger to another. On average, most loungers last anywhere between 3 to 4 hours but there are ones that last up to 6 or 8 hours too. If you have to re-inflate it every hour or two, then you need to check it for damage. The first thing you need to do in this scenario is to check if the seal is broken or not. 

Q. What should I do if the lounger gets damaged?

A. If your inflatable lounger gets damaged, you need to check if it came with a warranty. If it’s still valid, then you can contact the manufacturer and get it fixed or replaced. If you don’t have a warranty, then you can buy repair kits on Amazon and fix it yourself. No matter how small the damage may be, always get it fixed as soon as possible.

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