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inflatable portable jacuzzi
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Nothing can be more refreshing than taking a dip in your inflatable Jacuzzi on a hot summer day. If you have a pool, you can take a dip in it but not everyone can afford to build a pool or maintain it. This is where inflatable hot tubs come in. They are not only so much more affordable but also portable.

You can set it up in a suitable location in your house and relax the same way you would in a permanent hot tub. You don’t get the same number of features as a permanent Jacuzzi but you do get the essential ones.

If you are staying on rent and have adequate space on your patio, then getting an inflatable hot tub would make far more sense than investing in a permanent one. Once you leave for another place, you can just deflate it and take it with you.

You can even place an inflatable Jacuzzi in your backyard or under a tree to get some shade as well. It’s a great way to bond with your family and friends too, as these tubs come in two, four and six people capacities.

So, if you want to hang out with your friends on a hot summer day, all you need is an inflatable Jacuzzi and a few cans of beer. Let’s help you check out the top 10 inflatable hot tubs.

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Top 10 Inflatable Jacuzzi in 2022:


Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person

It comes with a soothing air-jet spa, two color options, rapid heating system, integrated water filtration, cushioned floor, 3-ply inflated walls, 1-year warranty for the pump and 90 days warranty for the liner. It’s available in two color options; black and orange. It can comfortably seat four average-sized people as its dimensions after inflation comes to 5.9 x 5.9 x 2.1 feet.

It comes with the TriTech 3-ply inflated walls, in-built air chamber and a reinforced cover with safety lock clips. The inside lining feels very comfortable to sit on although short people might have to sit on a raised level as the bubbles appear near the top of the tub.

It can support up to 192 gallons of water which is more than enough for a tub of this size. The heater can heat the water from 40 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The drainage system is superb as you can get rid of the water very easily.

Setting up the tub is fairly easy and we didn’t face any hassles at all. You can inflate it on a single 110 V power outlet which is quite convenient. Once inflated, it is not as heavy as expected and thanks to the handles on the sides, we could move it easily. Overall, this is a great portable tub for a family of four.



It’s very easy to move around.

Comfortable padding on the bottom.

Easy to set up.

Great drainage system.

Runs pretty quietly.  


Heating takes some time.

The cover could have been made of a material with better insulation..




Intex 28429E PureSpa Plus 4 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

It comes with 140 water jets, an in-built hard water treatment system, heater, multi-colored LED light, two exceptionally comfortable headrests and a variety of useful accessories. The internal and external diameters, once inflated, are approximately 4.75 feet and 6.4 feet respectively, which makes it ideal for three adults and one child to sit inside it comfortably.

It is made of 3-ply laminated puncture-resistant material and utilizes the manufacturer’s patented Fiber Tech construction which provides excellent structural stability. It also comes with 140 soothing water jets that allow you to have a spa-like experience and completely immerse yourself in relaxation.

It supports up to 210 gallons of water and the heater allows you to heat the water from40 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You also get multi-colored LED lights that offer plenty of fun and entertainment when you have people over.

Setting it up is a complete breeze and it hardly takes 20 minutes to get it up and running. The hard water treatment system is very efficient at preventing calcium build-up. You get some cool and useful accessories too such as test strips, a floating chlorine dispenser, carry bag and a thermal ground cloth. If you like having your friends over or want to spend some quality time with your family, this might be the right one for you.



The comfort level is insanely good.

Setting it up is very easy.

Two very comfortable headrests.

It comes with a tilt-adjustable and easy-to-use control panel.

Color changing LED lights are fun to watch.

High-quality construction..  


Bad placement of intake filters makes the heater less effective.




Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, Green & White

It comes with a power-saving timer, 114 bubble jets, two filter cartridges, a multi-functional spa pump, chlorine dispenser and a soothing bubble massage system. Although this is a six-seater inflatable hot tub, it could be quite tight when you have six adults seated inside. So, for a comfortable relaxing experience, we recommend four adults and two children or just four adults.

We found it to be structurally very stable thanks to its exceptionally well-made beam construction and UV resistant TriTech material. It’s very comfortable to sit inside the tub but it would have been better with a few headrests as well. We also loved the bubble massage system especially when coupled with the hot water from the heater.

You can fill up to 242 gallons of water which is plenty for 4 people. One unique aspect of this inflatable hot tub is its power-saving timer. It can control the desired temperature up to 72 hours in advance which lets you save not only money but time too.

The ChemConnext dispenser disperses the right amount of chlorine evenly for effective sanitization. When it comes to setting it up, the instructions aren’t detailed enough and so you may want to check out some videos online or contact the customer service for any clarification. If you are looking for an inflatable hot tub for 3 to 4 people and 2 children, then this is a great option to go for.



It’s very spacious.

It comes at a very attractive price tag.

It makes very little noise.

The bubble massage system is very relaxing.

Material is very soft to the touch.



The installation manual isn’t detailed enough.




Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub, 4-Person AirJet Spa

It comes with a power-saving timer, 120 bubble jets, I-beam construction, two filter cartridges, chlorine dispenser and a multi-function pump. Once inflated, it has an inner diameter of 4.3 feet and an external diameter of 5.9 feet. Although this is labeled as a four-seater tub, it may be ideal for only three adults to sit inside it comfortably. Having four people will be a very tight fit and won’t be as comfortable as you might want it to be.

It features an I-beam construction and puncture-resistant TriTech material and so you can even sit on the side walls without causing any distortion in shape or stability. We tested it out and found it to be very stable. The inner padding is also quite soft and comfortable to sit on.

It can hold up to 177 gallons of water and comes with a multi-functional pump which both inflates the tub and regulates the filtration system. The 120 bubble jet system is quite powerful and gives a nice massage but unfortunately ends up cooling the water even when you use the heater.

The chlorine dispenser and power-saving timer work efficiently which is great. Set up is also pretty easy thanks to the numerous videos online which explain the various steps in detail. Overall, this is a great inflatable Jacuzzi for couples or a family of three.



It’s ideal for couples.

The bubble massage system is very soothing.

Very compact and portable.

Durable and comfortable.

Good value for money.



The small gaskets inside get worn out quickly.




Intex PureSpa 75 Inch Portable Bubble Jet Spa 6 Person

It comes with two headrests, an in-built hard water treatment system, two filter cartridges, multi-colored LED light, 170bubble jets and a 1-year limited warranty. With an internal and external diameter of 4.75 feet and 6.4 feet respectively, three to four adults can comfortably sit inside. We recommend three to four adults and one child or two adults and two children for a very comfortable experience.

Similar to other Intex inflatable hot tubs, the structure is very solid and made up of 3-ply laminated PVC material. With the conveniently placed control panel, one can relax in the tub and change the settings without the need to step outside it.

You can fill up to 210 gallons of water which means a person of average height will have water up to his/her chest once it’s filled. Where this product differs from the rest of the PureSpa series is the number of bubble jets. It comes with a total of 170 jets which provide you with a soothing massage as you relax.

The LED lights are also a nice touch especially if you have friends over. You can choose from any of the five available colors to have a fun and relaxing experience. Considering all the features you get, it’s a great choice for a family of four to relax and have fun during the summer months.



It comes with LED lights.

You have comfortable headrests.

The material and overall structure are of excellent quality.

It inflates very quickly.

Good heat retention when you don’t use the bubble jets..


Headrests can get a bit wobbly.




Coleman SaluSpa With Chemical Kit

This one comes with 114 air jets, a built-in insulated air chamber, I-beam construction, floating dispenser and a six-month chemical kit for water sanitization. The design of this tub is a little different from the standard inflatable tubs you see online as it features a rounded square shape. With an internal diameter of 4.5 feet, it will be ideal for 2 adults and 1 child for optimal comfort.

It uses durable TriTech material and an I-beam construction for greater stability. We found the side walls to be particularly stable even when one sits on them. We also loved the soft, cushioned floor which is quite comfortable to sit on.

The control panel is easy to reach but you still have to lean a little bit over the sidewall to use it. You also get a soothing massage from the 114 air jets installed in the tub. Do remember to keep the cover properly on the tub when you are using the heater as otherwise, it won’t be able to retain heat efficiently.

The unique aspect of this product is that it comes with a six-month chemical kit which includes test strips, brominating tablets, spa minerals and more to ensure proper water sanitization. So, you don’t have to pay extra money for these, for at least six months, like you have to with other tubs. If you are looking for an inflatable hot tub with minimum maintenance for a family of three or a couple, then this might be the right one for you.



Comes with a six-month chemical kit.

The exterior rubber material is verysoft.

The cushioned floor is very comfortable to sit on.

It’s very durable.


Heat retention could be better.




Intex Pure Spa 290 Gallon

This one comes with 140bubble jets, multi-colored LED lights, two filter cartridges, chlorine dispenser and a built-in hard water treatment system. We found this tub to be large enough for six people but not large enough for large-sized adults. You can squeeze six people in together but for a more comfortable experience, we recommend four adults and one child.

It features the standard Intex Fiber Tech construction which is well known for being highly durable. The cushioned floor is very soft and comfortable to sit on. We did notice that the padding is a bit more in this than other products from the competitors.

What we love about his tub is the convenience of using the control panel as it is placed at your eye level when you sit down in the tub. You don’t have to get up or even lean over to use it which we found to be very good. The 140 bubble jets give you a great massage as you sit and relax in the tub.

You can fill up to 290 gallons of water in this tub. The LED lights (5 colors) that come with it are absolutely stunning. You can either have it on as a single color or have it blend seamlessly from one to another. If you are looking for a portable tub for a family of four or for calling friends over, this one might be a great option to go for.



Very durable construction.

LED lights create a nice ambiance.

Perfect for families.

Minimum maintenance required.

Control panel placement is extremely convenient..  


Doesn’t come with headrests.




Xiaolizi Summer Inflatable Hot Tub

It comes with 118 powerful air jets, PVC leather cover, 4-pad seat cushions, I-beam construction, quick heating technology, 6 months spa warranty and a 1-year electric parts warranty. This inflatable hot tub features a circular design and comes to almost six feet in diameter. For maximum comfort, we recommend three adults or two adults and two children.

With an I-beam construction and Rhino Tech 6-layer reinforced PVC material, this one is very durable and made out of high-quality materials and components. Where it stands apart from the rest of its competitors is that it comes with 4 pad soft seat cushions which we fell in love with. They are very comfortable to sit on.

The control panel is also placed in a very convenient position which you can just reach over and change the settings without any trouble. The bubble air jets system is also on point and gives a very comfortable massage when you just want to sit back and relax.

With the PTC heating technology, we found that it heated the water quicker than some of the other models out there. If you have children and are looking for a great family inflatable tub, you might want to check this one out. It does cost a hefty sum though.



You get 6 months warranty for the spa.

1-year warranty for all electrical parts.

Easy to reach the control panel.

It comes with seat cushions.

Good heat retention.  


Currently, it’s very expensive.




Coleman Saluspa Tahiti Inflatable Jacuzzi

It comes with a rapid heating system, Chemconnect dispenser, LED lights (7 colors), 60 air jets, temperature timer and a 1-year limited warranty on the spa pump. After inflation, you get about 6 feet in external diameter and approximately 4.5 feet inside. For a relaxing and comfortable experience, we recommend either two adults or two adults and one child. You can have four adults if you wish but it won’t be very comfortable with everyone crammed inside.

It uses the standard three-layer TriTech material which is very durable and comes with a capacity of 170 gallons of water. We didn’t have any problem with it as far as stability is concerned. The cushioned floor felt comfortable and the water level optimal for average-sized people.

We were a bit disappointed with the placement of the control panel as one has to lean over the side walls to change any settings. We did love the number of color options and LED lights. With seven colors, you can set the ambiance!

The automatic temperature timer is very convenient to have as you can set it up to 72 hours in advance. Overall, this is a pretty good tub for a family of three or for couples especially if you like colored LED lights in the water.



7-color options with LED lights.

Good durability and high-quality materials.

The automatic temperature timer is useful.

The electrical cord is lengthy enough.  


The placement of the control panel isn’t very convenient.




Intex 28481E Simple Spa 77in x 26in Inflatable Hot Tub

This one comes with 100 soothing high-powered jets, two filter cartridges, chlorine dispenser, test strip, tilt-adjustable control panel and 1-year limited warranty. It is ideal for three to four adults but if you want to have a very comfortable experience, we recommend a maximum of only three adults and one child.

Where this one differs from others is in its construction. It utilizes a sturdy horizontal beam construction and a strong external mesh for extra protection. We were very impressed at how comfortable it felt after inflation. The mesh is very breathable and soft, allowing you to have a very relaxing experience.

Unlike other products in the same series, this inflatable tub comes with 100 bubble jets only. We found this a bit surprising considering its high price tag. You can fill up to 210 gallons of water in this one at a flow rate of 460 gallons per hour.

It’s very easy to set up and takes minimum work as far as maintenance is concerned. We liked the efficient water heating system as it took less time than what was mentioned in the manual. The mesh helps to retain the heat effectively and in certain ways, the lesser number of bubble jets also help in this regard. All in all, this is a good option to go for if you are a family of three or four including your children.


Sturdy construction.

Breathable mesh covering.

The mesh also minimizes heat loss.

Easy setup and maintenance.  


You need to lean over to use the control panel.



Buying Guide:

There are many different aspects to look for when buying an inflatable Jacuzzi. They come in different sizes, designs, colors and offer various features. Some even come with water filtration systems that reduce calcium deposits in the water. Some come with heaters, LED mood lights, saltwater systems and timers. You can go for a barebones inflatable hot tub at a really affordable price or splurge a bit and get a luxurious one. Always go for high-quality products even if it goes a little out of your budget to ensure that it lasts for a long time. Cheap and inferior inflatable hot tubs do tend to start leaking within a short time.
You need to buy the right one that meets all your needs and preferences. It may sound a bit overwhelming but we can help you to simplify the process. Here are some of the most important factors to look for when buying an inflatable Jacuzzi.

Size and Design: One of the most important factors you need to look at is the size and design of the inflatable tub. Are you looking to get one just for you or to accommodate your friends and family too? Inflatable Jacuzzis usually come in two, four and six-seater capacities. When it comes to volume, it ranges from 150 gallons all the way up to 300 gallons of water. When it’s 300 gallons of water, it will weigh about 2500 pounds so make sure that the place you plan to put it on can support the weight. You also need to make sure that the floor padding is soft and comfortable. Go for ones that provide adequate space where you can move around comfortably without banging into other people inside the tub.

Portability: All inflatable hot tubs are portable but the degree of portability varies from one product to another. Not all of them can be moved with the same amount of ease. Always look for ones that come with a good number of handles and which deflates to a very compact size. Portability is the main USP of an inflatable hot tub and the last thing you need is one that is difficult to move from one place to another.

Easy to Set Up: Some inflatable Jacuzzis can be set up in a matter of minutes whereas others take a ridiculously long time. This doesn’t mean that you should always go for the one that can be set up in the shortest time. Some models may take a little bit more effort than others while providing a lot more features. In such cases, a little bit of extra work may be worth it. So focus more on the overall worth when it comes to the setup time. Ultimately this decision can only be made by you.

Jets, Jets and More Jets: Most inflatable Jacuzzis come with air jets as they are cheaper to manufacture and allows them to be set at a more affordable price tag. They are cheaper because they can reuse the same blower used to inflate the Jacuzzi rather than a whole new component. Air jets, however, can get a bit loud and it will cool the water very quickly while using it. Water jets or hydro jets are very rarely seen in inflatable hot tubs as it’s far more expensive to make. They are less noisy and won’t lead to any loss of heat but they will burn a sizable hole in your wallet!

Features: Some inflatable hot tubs come with a wide array of useful features such as a hard water system, LED mood lights, salt water system and even a separate pool for children. Some of these features will, of course, increase the price but they will also provide you with an extra value over time. Some of these features are pretty useful too like the hard water and saltwater systems. The former is available in most inflatable hot tubs and prevents limescale from building up whereas the latter removes the need to add chlorine. If you hate the smell of chlorine in your water, then you need to go for a tub that uses a saltwater treatment system.

Location: Although this isn’t an attribute of the product itself, it does play an important factor when buying an inflatable hot tub. Before you start looking for products online, you need to figure out where all you can place it once you buy it. Most two, four and six-seater inflatable hot tubs come in similar sizes irrespective of the brand. You have to compare the standard industry sizes and then decide on the ideal locations for placement in your home. Do remember that you shouldn’t keep an inflatable hot tub outside if the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inflatable Jacuzzi

Q. Are there any temperature limitations when it comes to inflatable hot tubs?

A. Most inflatable hot tubs can heat water only up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit which is ideal for most people. 100 degrees is considered to be safe for adults so anything more than 104 degrees can be dangerous, especially if children also use your tub. Pregnant women should never enter into the tub if the water is above 102 degrees. When it comes to heating the water, there are external factors you need to consider. If the tub is placed outside on a warm day, it might take 10 to 12 hours but in the cold season it could take up to 24 hours to get the water to the right temperature. The hotter it is outside, the faster your water will heat up.

Q. How do I set up my inflatable Jacuzzi?

A. First, you need to make sure that the location you decided on has access to a power outlet. Always make sure that the outlet is safe from any water spillage. Then you need to clean the area properly to ensure that there are no sharp objects on the ground. After that, you should lay down a protective blanket and spread it out evenly. Once all the above steps are done, you can place your Jacuzzi and inflate it. If the control panel is separate from the pump unit, you will need to install it manually and put all the air filters in place. Once you fill it up with water, you will have to add some sanitizer and make the water chemistry more balanced. Almost all inflatable hot tubs will come with instruction manuals, so you don’t have to worry about the details.

Q. How can I ensure proper maintenance of my inflatable hot tub?

A. Maintenance of inflatable hot tubs mainly involves cleaning the material and the filtration system. The most important one is the filtration system as the one used in portable hot tubs aren’t as robust as the one found in permanent tubs. If you use your inflatable tub regularly, you will need to remove the filters and rinse them in clean water every two or three days. If you see any discoloration or hardening of the filters, then you need to replace it immediately. Never use detergents or cleaning solutions to clean the filter. When it comes to cleaning the tub, you can use mild soap and warm water to remove any dirt it may have. Once it’s cleaned properly, dry it completely before storing it away. Dampness and long exposure to sunlight can damage your tub over time, so always store it indoors in a dry place.

Q. How to properly sanitize water in inflatable hot tubs?

A. Keeping water clean in an inflatable hot tub is extremely important. The water chemistry must always be balanced to ensure that the water is safe for your skin. It won’t be an easy task with hundreds of gallons of water but it is a necessary one. Each manufacturer will have their recommendations regarding the use of sanitizers which you need to follow. Some products come with hard water or saltwater treatment system to have balanced water chemistry. Apart from severe rashes, unsanitized water can also be a breeding ground for the Legionella bacteria which causes the fatal Legionnaires disease. You can always use the same test strip you use in a regular tub to see if you have the ideal water chemistry.

Q. What are some of the drawbacks that come with an inflatable Jacuzzi?

A. Like every other product, an inflatable Jacuzzi also comes with a few drawbacks. For one thing, it’s not usually silent. When you are setting it up with the pump, it will make loud noises. When you turn on the bubbles, you will still hear a sound even though it won’t be as loud as the inflation process. These sounds get amplified when the tub is placed indoors and can be irritating for some people. Another drawback is the lack of seating. In inflatable hot tubs, you have to sit on the bottom which can be very difficult for those with back pain. The filter life is also painfully short when it comes to an inflatable Jacuzzi as they have to be replaced every two weeks or earlier, depending on how frequently the tub is used.

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