How safe are inflatable boats?

inflatable boats safe
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Inflatable boats are indeed quite safe. Some will bet that it is even safer than the traditional rigid boats. You can even argue that safety is a relative term and the way the boats are steered through water could cause the safety to be jeopardized. The reality is that there is sufficient information to support the contention that inflatable boats are safer than their rigid counterparts. If you are wondering about the evolution of these inflatable boats, the National Coast Guard has been using these boats for decades. They operate on rough waters. If they are still using them now, it should dispel any apprehension or doubt about their safety. 

Evenly Distributed Buoyancy

One yardstick traditionally used to verify the stability of a floating device is its buoyancy. In the conventional wooden or other rigid boats, buoyancy is concentrated along the hull. In the case of the inflatable boats, it is evenly distributed along the sides in the inflated tubular walls. The other significant factor you may have noticed is that the inflatable boats have a flat bottom that sits on the water surface. You would also have noticed or watched in movies how divers are pulled in from its side to get back on board from the water. Nothing happens to the inflatable boat and it does not tend to tip over. There can be no better piece of evidence than this to conclude that the inflatable boats are very safe.

No Reason to Fear if You Will Sink in the Middle

If someone has raised a doubt in your mind that an inflatable boat could develop a leak while you are in the middle of a lake or a river, banish such a notion. We can assure you that inflatable boats don’t develop any such leaks while in the middle of the water. Even assuming that one of the tubes gets deflated due to a puncture, you can repair it right there itself and re-inflate the tube. 

We always carry the repair kit and the air pump along when going into the water on our inflatable boats. If you are not familiar, the inflatable boats have multiple compartments that form the sides of the boat. The concept itself is that these tubes are separately inflated and if one fails, you can keep sailing with the others. In the unlikely event of a puncture, there is an instant remedy in the form of plugging the hole. 

Walls Not Easy to Pierce with Sharp Objects

We have come across many people wanting to know how strong the walls of an inflatable boat are. What if they were to come in contact with a sharp object? You will be surprised to know the number of tests that are conducted at the manufacturer’s end before the material is certified strong enough for building the boats. 

Technological advancements have resulted in the development of such strong materials. Imagine the kind of protection from Kevlar used by law enforcement agencies; how a speeding bullet can’t pierce it? In the same way, the flexible material Hypalon used for making inflatable boats has multiple layers that give it strength. This is also the reason why the inflatable boats don’t need and don’t use fenders on their sides. The traditional rigid boats have fenders to protect the sides of the boats from hard objects. 

Larger Carrying Capacity

The safety of inflatable boats is also boosted by the fact that they are built to carry more weight than the conventional rigid boats of comparable length and size. This means that there is more flexibility and adding weight midway through your journey in the water is not going to topple the boat. Feel safe to venture out on an inflatable boat. 

Safety of Inflatable Boats is Certified

Inflatable boats are put to many uses. It is used as emergency rescue crafts when there are floods. They are used for recreational purposes, for fishing, and sporting activities. They are used by organizations as well as individuals who will only buy products that have been certified as safe by the concerned authorities. Inflatable boats have obviously been tested for their safety and certified as such. Our experience has been no different. It is no wonder that there is such a large user base of inflatable boats across the country.

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