How to Make the Best Use of Inflatable Neck Pillows?

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You would use an inflatable neck pillow mostly during travel, particularly on long-haul flights. It is a necessity during such long flights since trying to sleep without supporting the neck properly can put you in great discomfort when you disembark. It could spoil the whole day for you or might even last for more than a couple of days. The reason for this is that the structure of the human body is such that any discomfort in your neck area can quickly travel right down to your spinal cord. How can you get the best out of an inflatable neck pillow?

Choose the Right Material

You may spend a few hours sleeping with your inflatable neck pillow on. You would want no irritation or other troubles with it. You must choose one with a nice outer fabric. The best material is perhaps velvet. Check the options and choose the best. Remember that the fabric must be strong enough as your head will be pressed against the inflated neck pillow.

Choose the Appropriate Shape

Your inflatable neck pillow should not become the cause of neck pain. There are different shapes of neck pillows and you must pick the right one for you. Your sleeping posture may also be one of the factors you may want to consider before you choose the right design of an inflated neck pillow.

The Air Pump for Inflating the Pillow

Inflatable neck pillows usually come with an air pump to inflate the pillow after you have settled in your aircraft seat. It’s a small gadget and packs easily in your backpack. The important factor here is that you must inflate the neck pillow only to the extent it provides a comfortable cushion to your neck and head and not beyond. 

You can always use the valve to release excess air if you have pumped more. There are air pumps with the gauge indicating the air pressure and through trial and error, you will know the correct level for the neck pillow. 

Interestingly, some air travelers choose to avoid carrying the air pump. Instead, they use the air vent located over the aircraft seats to inflate the neck pillow to a certain level. Then, they manually blow in air until it is at the correct level. Again, it’s a matter of an individual’s comfort level.

Placing the Pillow While Sleeping

As mentioned earlier, each individual has a different way of sleeping and the inflatable neck pillow should suit your posture. It also depends on many variables like the airline seats and so on. How much can you push the seat back while sleeping? The placement of the inflatable neck pillow will depend on all these. Though it is called a neck pillow, it is expected to offer support to your back as well. Place your neck pillow whichever way you feel comfortable before you go to sleep.    

Easy Portability

One main reason people pick the inflatable air pillow over any other alternative is that it is easy to carry. Once completely deflated and flattened, the pillow can just be folded and tucked inside your handbag or any other hand luggage. If you are a frequent traveler and the flights that you take are to faraway destinations, then the inflatable neck pillow is your essential companion on board.

The Medical Aspects of Inflatable Air Pillows

There is another aspect related to inflatable air pillows. This is their therapeutic effects when used regularly. This is explained by the use of what is known as Air Cell technology. This technology helps to release some of the pressure points in your neck and shoulder areas. In a narrow sense, it functions as a memory pillow. The inflated neck pillow can adjust itself as you move your neck or head and keep the flow of blood normal. Any other regular pillow could block the blood flow. That could cause you discomfort and when you wake up from sleep after using such a pillow, you may feel a sense of stiffness in the neck and shoulder areas. 

So, invest in the best inflatable neck pillow after considering all the above factors and enjoy your long-haul flights with pleasant sleep.

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