How can you use inflatable boats for sports?

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Inflatable boats found early use by law enforcement agencies like the National Coast Guard and for disaster relief purposes. The idea then expanded to other uses like fishing. Using inflatable boats for sporting activities has also caught on and is fast becoming popular. There are many ways that inflatable boats can be used for fun and serious sports. 

Inflatable canoes are already quite popular and canoeing is even an event included in the Olympic Games. That would be a simple single or twin-seater canoe that is rowed in still waters with the help of oars. At the top-end are inflatable boats that come fitted with high-powered motors that zip through the waters.

Inflatable Canoes/Kayaks for Water Sports

At the bottom end of the inflatable boat market, you have kayaks and canoes for water sports like rowing. Those with a little more adventurous bend of mind, go whitewater rafting. Here the river waters are quite rough and the water flows with great force. It becomes a thrilling activity for them. 

Some people just set out to spend some time in the water. They will inflate their kayak and row with the oars for some distance and just drift in the water for some time. They might go as a couple on an inflatable boat or as a group comprising of friends or family. This is one way of spending quality time together where everyone is part of the fun. In the middle of the lake or whichever water body you decide to go into, it will be a quiet place.

Fishing as a Sport: The popularity of using inflatable boats for fishing has increased over the years. It is another recreational activity that can be carried on singly or with a companion. The range of inflatable boats for fishing purposes is quite vast. They are designed especially for this purpose with elevated seating arrangements and provisions for carrying your fishing accessories. Some people take their children along to teach them fishing. 

Motorized Inflatable Boats: In our experience, the motorized inflatable boats offer the best value for money when it comes to water sports. The engines fitted on these boats are usually 40HP in power, which can make the boat move at high speeds. One of us was at the control and the other followed on a ski-board. It is a thrilling sport and you will not feel like getting out of the water. 

Scuba Divers Use the Boats: Scuba divers use inflatable boats to set out into deep waters before diving. 

What Makes the Inflatable Boats Suitable for Sports?

If you are planning to take up watersports, inflatable boats have several features that might lead you to go in their favor. 

The first and the most apparent reason in going for inflatable boats is that they are lightweight, can be deflated and carried in the boot of your car. They are equally easy to launch into the water. 

The second benefit with inflatable boats is that they are quite safe to ride in the water and won’t easily tip over or sink. Even if the boat hits a rough object, the damage will be minimal, unlike the traditional rigid boats.

The third and important advantage is that the inflatable boats are capable of carrying loads much above what you would imagine. An average-sized inflatable boat can hold up to 2,000 pounds. That’s a substantial load for a boat that weighs only around 220 pounds when fully inflated.  

We have used different sizes of inflatable boats and have had a positive experience on each of these occasions. Inflatable boats come ina wide size range. You can find a boat with a length of 230cm and it can go right up to 580cm. With the length, the other specifications will also vary. 

The accessories that you will need for taking the inflatable boat for any of the sporting activities can also be purchased online. Find the best brands and go by the reviews of people who have used them, before you place the order. 

We have had the best experience with inflatable boats and you will have the best of times too if you invest wisely in them.

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