Why should you buy inflatable boats instead of traditional boats?

traditional boat vs inflatable boat
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You will find more inflatable boats like dinghies and kayaks on the waters than the traditional hard ones. These inflatable boats get used for sporting activities, fishing, and just plain recreation. There are other serious uses for the inflatable boats as well, like rescue missions and by the defense forces. 

The question you may have is ‘Why should I buy an inflatable boat instead of the rigid boat’? 

We can take you through the many reasons for this choice. Starting with their lightweight and operational and transporting convenience, we have experienced a number of benefits. Apart from explaining the reasons why the inflatables are better, a few myths about them can be uncovered as well. 

Inflatable Boats can Float and Sail Better

Many people may carry this feeling that the inflatable boats may find it tougher to stay afloat than the traditional boats made of fiberglass or aluminum. This is a myth. The reverse is true. Our experience has demonstrated that the inflatable boats enjoy better buoyancy than the rigid boats. 

The buoyancy in these boats is distributed along the inflated tubular walls all around. There are usually three compartments. The advantage with this is that even if one of the compartments were to be punctured for any reason, the boat will not sink or capsize. 

This is quite different from traditional boats. If there is a small leak, water would enter and sink the boat. The inflatable boats stay on the water steadily and can cruise at speeds better than the traditional rigid boats. We are referring to the comparison made between boats of the same length. 

Lighter in Weight, Easier to Carry & Launch

This is touted as the most important reason people prefer the inflatable boats over the traditional boats. We fully agree with the contention. You have to use a trailer to carry the traditional boat from wherever you are living to the waterfront. With the inflatable boats, you can fold up the boat and carry it in your truck. 

More than the carrying part, it is very easy to push the inflatable boat into the water and retrieve it when done with the trip. The average weight would be around 4-5Kg and one individual can lift it and take it to the car. This is not something you can expect to do with the traditional boats. You will require more hands to help you with launching it into the water and then again pushing it ashore. 

You can Load More Stuff on an Inflatable Boat

If you are on a fishing trip out in the water on your inflatable boat and you get a surprisingly large catch, you will have no difficulty in carrying the load on your boat. A direct comparison of the load-carrying capacity of an inflatable boat and the traditional one of equal size will find the inflatable boat being able to carry almost double the load. This is one clear advantage and should tick the box on inflatable vs. traditional boat comparison. 

Relatively Strong Walls

The inflatable boats are made of special plastic compounds like Hypalon. It’s a type of rubberized polyethylene and can withstand normal knocks against hard surfaces. You would have noticed fenders hung around the traditional boats on the sides. These are meant to protect the boat’s outer surface from getting scratched damaged when the boat comes into contact with the pier, while docking. There is no such protection required for inflatable boats. They are generally very tough unless you take the boat to some rocky surfaces in the water. This too comes from our direct experience using both rigid and inflatable boats. 

Goes Well with Larger Boats

When yacht owners need to have smaller boats on their crafts for easy escape in times of emergency, prefer the inflatable boats to the traditional rigid ones. These are easy to launch and won’t damage the sides of the yacht either. 

Easier to Repair

Inflatable boats can be easily repaired and relaunched into the water even if damage were to occur. You cannot say the same about the traditional boats. In a majority of cases, once damaged, the traditional boats will have to be replaced with a new one. 

These are all practically seen advantages of inflatable boats and based on experiences shared by us, actual users. If you still nurture some doubts on inflatable boats or if they carry benefits over the traditional boats you can write to us or the sellers and they will provide you with the clarifications. 

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