Inflatable Fishing Boats – Do You Need One?

inflatable fishing boats
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Fishing can be a very interesting hobby and a nice way to spend time. It takes you close to nature and if you get a nice catch, you can cook the fish to your liking and enjoy the meal. Fishing in the water far from the shore requires a good boat. Consider an inflatable boat if you plan to purchase one for fishing. Why would you choose an inflatable fishing boat over the traditional, rigid ones and what choices do you have? Read on for more information. 

Multiple Benefits of Inflatable Fishing Boats

The debate over which is better, the inflatable fishing boats or the traditional rigid boats made of fiberglass, aluminum, or wood has been settled long back. The inflatable boats are lighter, easier to carry and launch into the water and they can carry more weight in them than a comparable rigid boat. The inflatable fishing boats cost much less, as well. They are easier to repair and maintain. There are no safety concerns with inflatable boats as technology has delivered strong materials with which the boats are made.

Large Variety of Inflatable Fishing Boats to Choose From 

When you have decided that your next fishing boat is going to be an inflatable one, you can start looking at the options available. There are indeed many choices out there from different viewpoints. First, let us look at the types of inflatable fishing boats available.

Motor Mounted or Oars-Driven: Depending on how far into the water you wish to go, you can opt for inflatable boats that have the provision to mount a motor on them. Otherwise, you can select the ones which are moved by rowing with the oars. Sometimes, the size of the boat will also determine this decision. Would you be going alone on your fishing trips or would you take others along? You will find a wide range of inflatable motor-mountable fishing boats that can carry up to 5 people. 

Kayaks: Kayaks are a variety of boats used for fishing or other leisure activities on the water. You can pick up an inflatable kayak for your fishing or other water-related activities. The inflatable kayaks can be taken out for fishing in still waters as in a lake or even on flowing rivers etc. They hold their own and offer all the facilities you would look for in such a vessel. 

Canoes: Inflatable canoes are another option to go for while choosing your fishing boat. Canoes are slightly different in their designs but offer the same facilities. Some families enjoy fishing together and 3 to 5 people can be accommodated in the boats depending on the size. It often helps to have someone to assist with inflating the boat, carrying it, etc. If you are alone and bogged down with the above tasks, you may not get much pleasure from the trip.

Pontoon Type Boats: This is another option you have while considering inflatable fishing boats. A couple of pontoons are held together by a platform. The seating arrangement is on the platform. It has the space to keep your gear plus zippered bag-like attachments to carry other stuff, like your snacks and drinking water. 

Whichever type of inflatable fishing boat you choose, check all the specifications. Within each of the types described above, you will have a range of sizes and other designs. You should be able to narrow down the choices and then select the model of the inflatable fishing boat best suited for your needs. Inflatable boats can last up to 10 years and more. You may not make such investments often and therefore you must do very elaborate research before buying the boat. Take a hard look at the accessories that are supplied with the boat and the ones you will need to purchase separately to make fishing or sailing in them easy and comfortable. 

There are also several requirements when it comes to handling an inflatable boat. The right way to inflate the boat before easing it into the water and again deflating and storing it should be learned and followed. Though the inflatable fishing boats don’t require a large area to store them while not in use, you would still need to protect them from damage while in storage.

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