Why You Should Never Travel Without Inflatable Neck Pillow?

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When you undertake a long journey, be it leisure or business, you would first start planning for the trip. You will start visualizing the activities once you reach your destination. You will pack the clothing and accessories accordingly. What about the journey itself? Unless you travel with some level of comfort and arrive in good shape, you cannot enjoy your trip. 

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A neck pillow is a must if you have to catch up with some sleep while traveling. There are both inflatable as well as non-inflatable neck pillows. An inflatable neck pillow is easy to fold and keep in your backpack or the bag you are carrying. 

You should first understand that inflatable neck pillows come in a wide range and choosing the right one could pose some challenge. Whatever the choice, never forget the inflatable neck pillow while traveling. 

A Variety of Shapes of Pillows to Choose From:

Inflatable neck pillows are longer confined to one shape or design. The makers of these pillows have used their imagination to come up with a large range of shapes. The basic feature remains the same. You have to inflate the neck pillow before use and deflate as the journey ends. 

The shapes differ based on the actual requirement. Some people may lean on to one side while sleeping in an aircraft or a bus. The designers have observed this and eliminated the portion which remains unused. The neck pillow would assume the shape of a comma with thick and thin ends. 

The material on the surface on which you would rest your head should be smooth but nor slippery. You must be careful while inflating the neck pillow not to make it rigid. Your neck will require some amount of flexibility. We suggest you to fill it with 95% air and not 100%. You can only feel it with your hands that there is scope for a little more air. 

Should you give some importance to the color of the neck pillow? There’s no harm; find your favorite color or the best from the lot offered. 

Can You Have Multiple Layers?

Some people are not happy with just one neck-pillow. They would want two to three layers one on top of each other making it a nice neck to back-of-head covering. Possibly they sleep better in that! 

Whatever the shape or the design of the neck pillow for travel, choose with care and don’t forget to carry it when you hit the road next time.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Neck Pillows

The reason the neck pillows came into being was that people suffered in many ways without proper support for their necks during travel. Flight travel is considered here as the mode of travel, though people do travel by bus or railroad over a long distance. 

Some people may keep an inflatable neck pillow even in their cars. The idea is to complete the journey, gain some sleep and arrive at your destination in a fresh mood. The neck pillow helps you achieve this.

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In the absence of the pillow, you could develop mild to severe pain in the neck. Sometimes, the pain that starts at the neck can travel down and affect your spine too.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are people already suffering from a cervical spine issue. The neck pillow becomes a must for them while they travel. 

Features to Look for in the Neck Pillow

Once you are convinced that you would have to pack an inflatable neck pillow on your next trip, you should search around and buy a good product. Making the purchase online may be the right course since you will be able to see all types and varieties displayed in one place. 

Based on our experience, we suggest you to get the size, support and comfort right in the neck pillow. Since people’s neck sizes vary, you will have to choose the inflatable neck pillow that has the right size to fit your neck. Anything above or below that size can make is uneasy for you to use while traveling.

The comfort part is usually taken care of by a couple of things already referred to above. These are the soft outer layer where you rest your head and the appropriate air inflation leaving some space for the head to be rested. The pillow must not be rigid. The comma shape is good for some whereas the U shape makes some feel comfortable. 

Make your choice and ensure you never travel without an inflatable neck pillow. 

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