What are the Various Uses of Inflatable Kayaks?

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For centuries, Kayaks were perhaps used only for fishing. When inflatable kayaks came into the market, it changed everything. Now inflatable kayaks find multiple applications from recreation and fishing to sports and adventure. 

Inflatable kayaks do need a certain commitment from the user in terms of taking care of it. If you can ensure your inflatable kayak is maintained well, there is no end to what all you can do with it. 

Buyers often have this question to our frontline sales personnel on what all use the inflatable kayaks can be put to. We felt we could enlighten you on this. 

Inflatable Kayaks for Recreation

The inflatable recreational kayaks would usually seat one or a maximum of tow persons. Though you can engage in a bit of angling, these may not be for serious fishing activities. You inflate the boat and sit on it and paddle a distance in a lake. 

Typically, still waters are where most people on a recreational inflatable kayak would want to spend an hour or two. These boats are not designed for long rides on the water. Some enjoy a ride on rivers as well, but the current in the water may not be too strong. A quietly flowing river is good enough for the recreation. 

You can have fun by taking a group of friends or family members on three or four inflatable kayaks out in the water enjoying each other’s company. 

We have regular customers who buy inflatable kayaks for recreational purposes.

Inflatable Kayaks for Some Adventure

If you are the adventurous type and wish to undertake overnight trips on waterways on your inflatable kayak, you would need to invest in a stronger kayak, one that will not easily develop a leak. 

We have listed a series of models that are popular with whitewater rafters and those who go on expeditions on rivers. These kayaks are built with much superior material and once inflated and put in water, they can stay on for hours without any trouble. You can ride the ebbs and flows of a rough river even with these inflatable kayaks. You can choose from our single-seater or two-seater kayaks for these expeditions.

The Kayaks for Sporting Activities

As you may know, kayaking (Canoeing) is an event in the Summer Olympics and many of the teams use inflatable kayaks for competing. We have been supplying kayaks for sporting purposes for decades. 

We take extra care in ensuring that the surface that comes in contact with the water is resistance free. This is because the competitions are based on the speed of these boats. These kayaks are purchased by those starting to learn canoeing as well as the teams that reach the Olympics.

Fishing Kayaks

You might be wondering why this is treated as a different activity and not just included in the recreational category above. To be fair, many of our customers may be using the same kayak for fishing as they do for other purposes. It cannot also be denied that you can do fishing from practically any floating device. However, for serious fishing activity, we have picked a wide range of inflatable kayaks that have some special features.

Our dedicated inflatable kayaks for fishing have several features that help the anglers in their effort at maximizing their catch for the day. Some of them are highlighted here.

You will find the height of the seats in these kayaks slightly elevated and some of them will have swivel for greater maneuverability. Anglers prefer to use oars instead of the paddles you find in most kayaks. This provision is included. There are provisions for holding the fishing rods and lures. 

Some of the design aspects of the kayaks are also taken care of. These include the facility for the kayak rider to stand while fishing. If you are fishing on a lake and there is high wind, your inflatable kayak must be able to ride out the waves. In short, we ensure that your inflatable kayak for fishing gives you all the comfort you need.

The biggest advantage with inflatable kayaks is that it is easy to carry and your ordinary weekend outing can turn into an exciting day spent on the waters. 

We hope to fulfill all your requirements as far as inflatable kayaks are concerned.

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