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inflatable bed benefits
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An inflatable bed or an air mattress, as it is referred to in the trade, is very useful to have. It serves a multitude of purposes and offers benefits in each case. The top reasons for buying could be that they are easy to inflate and use, deflate and put away and in the deflated form, they occupy very little space. There are other valid reasons too. The Top 5 reasons for buying an inflatable bed are listed here with some additional information.

  1. Sleeping Comfort: This has been listed as the first reason since it makes no sense to buy a bed if you cannot get to sleep on it comfortably. Depending on the quality of the air mattress that you have purchased, you will find some special provisions to ensure that you can lie on it comfortably. The mattress can adjust its shape in a way that conforms with your body contours ensuring a fitful sleep or rest. This is important since the conventional hard mattresses can have some issues on this score. Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, the air mattresses offer excellent support for a peaceful night’s sleep. 
  1. Ease of Operation: Modern inflatable beds are designed in a way to auto-inflate and deflate. You plug the mattress to the power source and the process of inflating starts. It stops as soon as the appropriate air pressure is reached. You can spread your bedsheet and go to sleep. When you wake up and want to put the bed away, the reverse process is followed. Most inflatable beds are supplied with a carry bag. All you have to do is fold the bed, put it inside and shove it under your cot till the next use. 
  1. Ease of Transportation; Use for Camping: If you select the right air mattress, you can carry it along on your next weekend camping trip. If the destination you are planning to go does not have a proper hotel facility, just open your truck’s rear door and fold the seats. There will be space enough for your inflatable bed and you can sleep till you are refreshed once again. If it is a proper camping trip, then too, you could rely on this air mattress instead of lying on the floor. As already mentioned, there is no great effort involved in carrying it.
  1. Space Saver; Use as Guest Bed: If you live in a small apartment with just one bedroom and if you have guests visiting, nothing is more useful than the inflatable bed. Just push the sofas in the living room towards the walls and you can make your guests sleep comfortably on the inflatable bed. No need to make them sleep on the floor or the rug. Once the guests bid goodbye, everything can be put back to normal. We have done this several times over. Some people make this a regular feature if the family has more members to accommodate. For families with college-going children coming over for the vacations, air mattresses are the ideal things to have.
  1. Good for Health: We have examples galore of people sticking with their inflatable beds as their regular choice for sleeping. They might have used it the first time as a temporary arrangement. Their experiences might have been so overwhelming that they decided not to go back to their hard beds! A little research on this will show that the inflatable bed offers a healthier alternative. If you have ever faced back pain after getting out of bed in the morning, try the inflatable bed. There will be no such discomfort. This is a proven claim, no hearsay. 

There are other benefits as well. Durability is one factor not included in the list above. Inflatable beds or air mattresses can last for many years. They are made with strong material. 

What is required is for you to choose the right air mattress from the huge range available. The price range varies from as low as around $300 to high-end air mattresses for as much as $2,000. You will have to first determine the purpose and frequency of use of the bed and look for the right product. You should be able to find the best products online and at reasonable prices. We can assure you that you will never regret the decision. 

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